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Anisong Talk: Anisong around the World : Costa Rica

wow long time no post Anisong Talk episodes here.
Contrary to hiatus appearances, there were actually a couple of anisong Talk episodes recorded this year. They just never got uploaded and some are not even done being edited.
Since the year is reaching a close, I will try to get them all out before we get to December 32nd.

Anyway, this episode is the first one in a series I’d like to dive more into the future, and it’s talking about anisong from all over the world.
Many of us have come from non-english speaking countries and got the experience watching anime on TV. What was it like, and what did the songs sound like ? This is a subject that fascinates me as I personally grew up listening to French Anisong.

For this episode I am joined by my good friend Adrian, and we explore what it was like in Costa-Rica.

You can follow Adrian on twitter at : @_ambonilla

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