Atelier Kurotsuki

Otakuthon 2013

4th time is the charm right ?

It seems that being definitely non happy of having exhausted myself 3 times this summer at conventions, I had to drop by my local one and enjoy being in line one last time for the summer.

The good (or bad?) thing about Otakuthon is that being a local convention in Montreal , Canada, the venue is smaller, and there are fewer guest to go do crazy lines for. Which in theory gives you more time to attend panels.

In theory because on the first day, after getting stuck in line for 2hs to get my badge, I went to fill my stomach and consequently missed Christophe McDonald’s panel on the anime industry.

I however did get to see Moon Stream perform live. Not being a fan of visual key, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was pretty nice.


They have a very good stage presence and the melodies are pretty good.  I won’t lie and say I’ve become a fan, but if they come back to Otakuthon, I’ll see them .  Fun Fact: they actually were at AX13 as well, but I was too busy to bother trying to see them.


Another fun thing was attending Fakku panels hosted by Jacob.

DSC_0981The other good point of smaller venue is that there weren’t 3 million people attempting to attend his panels.  Although his Hentai Worth Watching panel on Saturday got so full they prevented people from entering.

Ryumoto was the guest I was looking forward to meeting the most.  He signed what I bought from him, which was pretty cool.

He had panels on Sunday , but I woke up too late and missed all of them. For shame.

Another good time for me was definitely going to the JoJo panel.   I love seeing that there’s a (small) community that likes JoJo here in Montreal.DSC_1108


Finally,  one of the last thing I did at the con was mistake a Miki cosplayer as Sena.


Being a Miki-P , this was extremely shameful.

I shall redeem myself by October, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

PS: Photo gallery here: