Atelier Kurotsuki

Anisong Talk ep.05

New (anime) season, new music to listen to.

In this new episode of Anisong Talk and second edition of the anime OP&ED retrospective, Chuck, Kei, JT and I take a listened to what Fall 2019 had to offer and we rank it.

This may or may not include a love letter for a certain trio of singer that Kei and I appeared to have fallen for.

Chuck’s twitter : @exciel_co_log
Kei’s twitter : @narumiayatsuji
JT’s twitter : @7thwraith

PS: At some point I claim that dances are copyrighted in Japan and aren’t copyrighted in North America, but really I answered on the spur of the moment and have no legal backing to make that claim, so I essentially pulled this out of my ass, so do you own research or something.

PPS : I love PVs and if you do as well, I made a playlist of all the available PVs for Fall 2019’s anisong.