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angela at Anime Central 2014

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This past may, a week before Anime North angela, the anisong duo composed of Vocalist atsuko and guitarist KATSU performed in Chicago in May and I had the chance to quickly drop by Anime Central and attend it on friday

Here’s a mini post to recap what I remember from the event.

The set list from memory is as followed:

To be with U
Beautiful fighter
明日へのbrilliant road
Separation[pf] + Separation

== ENCORE ==


atsuko & KATSU

(this picture also was stolen from ParandaP )

If you like angela, then it was awesome by all means. They had a full band, and that was pretty good. The only regret I have is with the Acen crowd that attended the event. Most of them stayed seated during 80% of the show and being in the 2nd row. Some people behind my group and I even dared ask us to sit down. They were obviously rebuffed , but it’s nonetheless appalling that such thing exists.

Calls in general were missing as well, it made the event a bit less passionate than I know it could be, but perhaps the fact that I’ve been spoiled by seeing them in japan didn’t help either.

That being said, atsuko and KATSU performed awesomely.
They weren’t as tsukomi like they can be in japan, but it’s because they adapted their stuff to NA public.
One thing that I missed was atsuko teaching us important moves to do during KINGS, as such, the song wasn’t as awesome as it can be (not that it wasn’t, it was , just not its full potential), but at least they did have us practice the moves for 明日へのbrilliant road, which I guess makes sense that they would do this one rather than the others as it’s their debut song.
The other cool thing about this ACen was that I finally got to meet longtime online bro Dancu.

I only stayed a couple of hours in chicago, but it was pretty cool, will definitely go back one day.