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Otakon Music Festival 2012

Yesterday at Ram’s head Live in Baltimore was held 「OTAKON MUSIC FEST 2012」presented by Lantis.

The line up consisted of Faylan, Natsuko Aso and the main guest Jam Project.

Will follow an incomplete set list because 1) I am missing the title of I believe two songs 2) the order performed may not be the actual order.

I will complete this when I find missing info, but If you find any errors, let me know.

So Anyway, The concert started with Faylan who performed 5 songs

(picture taken by Franz Prowant , see more from this album at thirdgearphotography )

– 「WHITE justice」
– 「Realization」
– 「Dead END」
– 「Errand」


– 「mind as Judgment」

I’ve know 3 of those, but only really like White Justice. That was until I saw her perform. I will not take a greater interest into her songs. She has a very great
stage presence and lots of energy. Her style that day reminded me a bit of LiSA’s but they are two different categories of awesome.

Natsuko Aso then took the stage.

(picture taken by Franz Prowant , see more from this album at thirdgearphotography )

In her iconic very cute outfit. Which fits very much the kind of songs she sings .
She performed 5 songs as well:

– 「More-more LOVERS!!」
-「Everyday sunshine line!」
– 「エウレカベイビー」
– 「ダイヤモンドスター☆」


– 「Perfect-area complete!」

There was a 10min break until Jam Project appeared.

(picture taken by Franz Prowant , see more from this album at thirdgearphotography )

they performed

edited 05/11/12 with correct order

– 「Crest of “Z’s”」
– 「vanguard」
– 「Break Out」
– 「鋼のレジスタンス」

Then they individually performed their first songs

– 「輪舞-revolution」
– 「ウィーアー!」
– 「勇者王誕生!」

After that they contacted Fukuyama who could not attend via Skype.
He performed acoustic medley of 「キングゲイナー・オーバー!」 and 「DYNAMITE EXPLOSION」

Despite the poor internet reception, the whole thing was very amusing. You could tell Fuku-chan was having despite being across the ocean.

The concert then resumed with


– 「GONG」
– 「レスキューファイアー 」

After which they left.
We started chanting MOTTO MOTTO
And they came back to perform

– 「KI・ZU・NA」

The concert ended then.

It was time for VIP.

edited 08/11/12 with more Q&A details – thanks for the heads up GetterJam

We all lined up to get things signed in order by Faylan, Natsuko and Jam Project. ( Masami, Endoh, Danny and Kageyama ).
After that there was a small meet & greet or rather Q&A with every artist.
They went in the center of the bar and we all formed a circle around then.
We asked question to all of them, but clearly the questions focused on Jam Project, and when they were of general order I could never hear what Faylan and Natsuko had to say 🙁

– Somebody asked what Anisong they would like to sing for, unfortunately being far I couldn’t hear all their replies , but
Danny said Naruto and Kageyama said Gundam.
– Someone also asked what was their most challenging song. Kageyama said that mostly the issue was to adjust to Endoh who always sings in high keys.
– GetterJam also asked what was their most challenging song. and I’ll quote him on that:

“Everything” from Endoh. Kageyama asked Endoh to answer the question because he sings the highest keys.

– Another one for Endoh was what pushed him to cover 「Go Go Power Rangers」 to which he replied that he really like the song. That question somehow got him to worry if his English was comprehensible on the song.

I can’t remember the exact question that led to this, They were also asked where they would like to perform next or visit in the US, and Endoh said California because he wants to date a Californian girl while Kageyama wants to visit NYC. He said he often goes to its airports, but never gets to step out.

I’m not sure if It was Natsuko or Faylan, but one of them asked us all what we consider to be the most sexy animesong. To which we concluded would be 「キューティーハニー」. Faylan seemed rather surprised by that.

The president of Lantis then made a small speech and we all raised a toast.

They explained that they really love Otakon mainly because it gives a lot to charity ( they didn’t explicitly said it, but that heavily implied that it’s the only con they’ll ever appear to in North America) , and Kageyama mentioned that they’ll be back next year.

After that it was finally time for the photo op.
We would group in 6 to 8 , go up stage behind the artist and smile at the camera.

And that’s how ended a very magical concert with one of my favourite band ever. Will definitely go see them again of they really do come back to Otakon.

All in all, this was fantastic. I want to give a big shout out to all the staff involved into this, it was a great success.

I loved everything.

But probably my favourite moments were when they would forget to sing lines ( that are usually fuku-chan’s) and when they’d realize that , they would look at each other with a smile that would say “haha dude you messed up” , or Makkun would often stick her tongue out . I found that complicity between all of them to be simply marvellous.

I honestly cannot wait for the next time.


oh and before I forget.

My spoils of war :