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M@STERPIECE: An Average journey in TOKYO

Day 6 – Lazying in Akiba, Maid Cafe

On Monday , we took it relax, I went to spend more money on stuff I didn’t really need.
Said goodbye to Ninbinさん in the afternoon at Akiba station , then went for Okonomiyaki with whoever was left/not busy.
And then we Karaoke’d 30min for Hanayamata tokuten. 30min Karaoke is too short btw.


We heard the TOKYO sign was at Kotobukiya, or rather that Kotobukiya put a TOKYO sign next to their iM@S merch, so obligatory picture was obligatory.

Then after Paranda suggested it, we started looking for a maid cafe where you’d challenge the maids to a drinking contest and if the maid wins she slaps you. Unfortunately that Cafe was closed, but we ended up at Grand Pirate which was the next best thing.
For whatever reason that is beyond me, we all paid to get slapped ( and I even paid extra to get a picture of it !!)
Also we spent a lot of money there. The minimum damage was ¥7000 each.

We ended the night in an Izakaya.

Day 7


Last year with KnU we interviewed David Whitaker and learned of his plans to open a restaurant. It’s a given that I had to go visit and eat there. The food is seriously delicious, if you ever need a good change of pace from Japanese food, go eat at their restaurant you won’t regret it. Visit their fb page here

After which I went to kill time in akihabara and buy last minute omiyage for peeps and food with the crew before I departed in the afternoon the following day.

Day 8

Quick obligatory run to Odaiba to salute the Gundam and finally eating ramen after being in japan for a week ( I don’t even either!)
Then rush to akiba where again more stuff was acquired.


And then I Took the Skyliner all the way to Narita.

After having taken the Narita express 3 times and the Skyliner once, I can tell you that the Skyliner is the superior train. I mean it actually has space and power outlets !!! It’s also arguably faster.


Also, I had fun being Me at Narita when I found Samurais walking around.


This was a short and yet long week, pretty exhausting but so much fun. I may have had more fun this time than when I went to Japan for the first time in 2012. What a great journey this was.

I will see you all again for iM@S 10th in Japan next year ~

PS: Read up Paranda (part 1 & 2 )and Exciel‘s post too: